Compare And Contrast Odilon Redon And David Hockney

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Artists often use their personal perceptions as a stimulus for their artwork. They are able to use their work to express a certain viewpoint they may have on a subject. Well renowned artists, Odilon Redon and David Hockney have both manipulated their artistic abilities to express their perceptions through their work with their art movements. Redon is a renowned 18th-19th century French symbolist artist whose works revolve around his dreams, fantasy and imagination, The Cyclops (1914), being one of his most recognised paintings. David Hockney is a painter and photographer and is considered one of the most influential British artists of the 20th century, a prime example of his work being, A Bigger Splash (1966.) Both artworks reflect the artist’s personal perceptions and contain similarities and differences with their movements, intentions and use of stylistic features.
At the beginning of his career, Redon’s works were exclusively in black and white in lithographic prints and charcoal. His works consisted of a monochromatic colour scheme representing symbolism in his unusual dreamlike creations, called noirs. In an interview, Redon stated that his noirs are his most personal expressions. These works were a product of his creative imagination of depictions of his knowledge and perception on evolution theories, presented by Charles Darwin at the time. The noirs were also a reflection on his pessimism and melancholy, particularly as a child, and a representation of how he views the world. Contradictory to his early works, Redon transfigured into non-naturalistic colour themed pastels and oil paintings. Many of these oeuvres were abstract, generally constructed of an ethereal chromatic background with a focal subject and an overall hazy appeal.
The Cyclops is a versatile example of Redon’s work as it is an oil painting with noir themes. The artwork illustrates a mountain and rocky landscape, with a Cyclops creature emerging from behind the tall mountain in the background of the scenario. Slightly off-centre to the right there is a naked woman who appears to be sleeping peacefully amongst the abstract plantation on the hill. The focal point of the painting is the cyclops, and its large eye that is

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