Compare And Contrast Of The Australian Food Model

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Health Task FOOD MODELS – Write in Paragraph Compare and Contrast the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating with ONE other International Food Model(Spain, Japan, Canada) Task number 1. Similar to Japan to Australia The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating is very similar to the Japanese Guide to Eating but has a few difference. Both of the guides show water outside the food section, and they had said that it is important to drink water. This is because our body is mostly made up of water and water is needed to make sure each of our cells function normally. Both countries have five main food groups. Another similarity is that fruit also has two serves recommend in both countries. Both Australia and Japan has a section where it says limit…show more content…
Write a justification for your model by considering the following questions: • Why do Australians need a Food Model? Australia needs a food model to ensure that we make the right healthy food choices. We also need a food model so we have a balanced diet every day. A healthy diet can improve wellbeing and the quality of life, which can help prevents against chronic diseases. It can also help growing children as it recommends the recommend serves for growing children. What is the aim of your Food Model? The aim of my food model is to make sure that that everyone stays healthy and eats the best for their health. As well as eating well, it encourages them to get plenty of exercises as it is one of the most important things of keeping your body healthy and drink plenty of water. Another aim of my food model is to make sure that everyone eats a balanced diet so my body can function properly. What types of food are represented in your Food…show more content…
What criteria are used to group the foods together? The criteria used to group the foods together are basically what similar amounts of key nutrients they provide. Each food group has a different nutrient, which the body requires to function properly. An example, the key nutrients of yogurt, cheese, and milk is calcium while the fruit group provides a source of vitamins. How have you shown the relative amounts of foods to be eaten? Yes, the foods that need to be eaten the most are put in the biggest plates. So, the vegetables and the Grain(cereal) foods are in the biggest plates. Then the fruit and the dairy are the same plate size because they have the similar serving needed for one day. I have also put the protein foods in a plate size similar to the fruit and dairy plates. The bigger the plate, the more of the food group you need to eat and the smaller the size of the plate the less you have to eat from that food group.
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