Compare And Contrast Ogeechee Tech Vs Southern Engineering College

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In life some students does not know which college to choose. Some of their questions are, “Maybe I should choose this college because it is cheaper and closer to home” or “Maybe I should go to this college because it is great, expensive, and there’s a lot of fine people there. If it would me in this situation, I would chose the college that is cheaper and closer to home. This is the reason I chosed Ogeechee Tech over Southeastern Tech. Why would I choose Ogeechee Tech over Southeastern Tech? Ogeechee Tech tuition is $7100 for my program which is an LPN. While my program at Southeastern Tech is $8012. Also Ogeechee Tech is closer to me than Southeastern tech, that's another reason I would choose Ogeechee over Southeastern Tech.
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