Compare And Contrast Old Social Movements

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1. What are the social movements?
a) Social movements are form of collective actions that emerge in response to situation of inequality, oppression and/ or unmet social, political, economic or cultural demands.
A social movement is an organized effort by a large number of people to bring about or impede social change to bring better organized culture in the society.
b) Civil and political rights movement
Feminist movement
Anti-Capitalization movement
c) Social movement is a type of collection of pupils carried out the movement. It can be informal and formal group can be individual or organization to focus on the political and social rights to resist or undo the changes.
Social movement organization is composed of different social movements
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They say that new social movement is different in their goals, how they are organized and sources of their main support. Scholars argue that these movements have different goals than the old social movements. Accordingly scholars pint of view ‘old’ social movements are more concerned about the material issues such as equal distribution of wealth and political issues more precisely political power and maintain the cultural norms and identities. But in the 21 century which is ‘New’ social movements are constructed and more interested in issues that are more social or cultural than they are economic or political. Old social movements are generally based on the class system such as middle class and working class and objectives of those particular movements were according to it segmented class but it in the new social movement objectives are mainly organized loosely and local or…show more content…
Start your own social movement
a) If I want to run any social movement. I will go for the Anti-corruption movement, this is because I belong to the developing country, most closely underdeveloped country and every task is run with the under the table theory. Because this is wrong for the merit base seekers people. In my society have to pay under the table in every step of work either it is in government office or in private sector.
b) I will tell them true stories of the people who got their work done by giving the money to the officers. Recently, this is true case, my sister planned to take the admission in MBBS she qualifies the all requirements of this medical education and she nearly got the admission but she have to pay three million PK rupees which is almost three thousand dollar, which is too expensive to just take the admission without course fees. Then she took admission in the BDS dental education with still paying bribe of nine hundred thousand without the course fees and with
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