Compare And Contrast Ophelia And Hamlet

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1. Ophelia: All in the morning betime, / And I a maid at your window, To be your Valentine. / Then up he rose, and donned his clo’es, / And dupped the chamber-door, Let in the maid, that out a maid / Never departed more. (4.5.47-53) Modern English: Ophelia: During the early hours of the morning, I, a young woman, stand at your window in hopes of becoming your Valentine. Then he got out of bed, got dressed, and opened his bedroom door, letting the young woman inside; when she came back out, she was no longer a virgin. These lines, which depict the sexual interaction between a young woman and a man on Valentine’s Day, are sung after Ophelia has gone mad. In this quote, Ophelia describes herself as an innocent virgin who wants a man to…show more content…
Isn’t it possible, then, that Alexander’s remains have been turned into the paste used for sealing a beer-barrel? The powerful Caesar, now dead and turned to clay, might seal off a hole to keep the wind from blowing through it. Oh, it’s strange to think that such a legendary figure might be used to patch up a wall during the winter! In these lines, Hamlet explains that the dirt used for fulfilling common tasks, such as plugging up holes, may include the remains of Alexander the Great or Caesar. Through this example, it is shown that despite the power that these historical figures held during their lifetime, they could not avoid death; years later, their decayed bodies are treated no differently than other piles of dirt. Hamlet thus proves a morbid point: everyone eventually dies, no matter who they are or what they have done, and life goes on. This theme of death is what drives the play along; it fulfills the expectations for a tragedy, which is the genre that Hamlet fits into. The inevitability and commonness of death, as suggested by Hamlet in these lines, fit into the context of the play the most. Hamlet’s speech foreshadows the fate awaiting the main characters, one that does not bestow mercy on any of them. By the end of the play, they are all dead, nullifying any power they might have had over each other. Fortinbras arrives soon afterwards, and even
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