Compare And Contrast Orzco And Frida Kahlo

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A while back my uncle took my brother and me to a trip to the Museum of Contemporary of Art in San Diego. However, on that day, the museum had an event of Mexican heritage artist. I do not remember exactly all the details on that day, but fortunately, I do remember one painting I was able to remember, the “Flower Seller.” At the time, I could not understand why the picture had impact me and was the only one I can remember well. When I was young, I thought the young girl was decorating, but now I doubt she was decorating it. Today, I do not know what the girl is doing anymore. Is she about to carry it? What is in the background? Is she in a market or a field? And why is it that I remember this painting so well?
Not only have I seen Rivera’s painting but also another Mexican artist, for example; Jose Clemente Orozco and Frida Kahlo. I saw their paintings at the Museum of Art in San Diego. I cannot remember what pictures I have seen on that day last time I saw it. One of the things I realize is the way they represent their art. They express their past and their present, the rich culture of the Mexican history, the way they express their ideology and their political view of their time, and their surrealist dream in case of Frida Kahlo. One of the remarkable ways they express is by putting their expression on the wall also known as …show more content…

After the conflict, it led to the movement of Mexican muralism, since then many painters and muralist expand their expression about the struggle that the nation was facing through. It is thanks to the muralist that the citizens were able to understand what was happening in the country. The Mexican Revolution impact a new political structure from a dictator to an institute of a ruling party that governs the country to this date. One of the reasons that muralist expresses to the people that the revolution was still

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