Compare And Contrast Phoenix And Ellensburg

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Phoenix, Arizona and Ellensburg, Washington are cities which are more than 1,300 miles from one another. In the United States, distance between a pair of towns does not automatically mean that drastic differences will exist, but the disparities in this instance are numerous. The following discussion details critical distinctions amongst the two. Stereotypical wisecracks of larger metropolitan areas include bumper-to-bumper traffic and complications associated with overcrowding. Customarily following these remarks are threats to head for somewhere quieter and less stressful. When Phoenix and Ellensburg are contrasted, the latter has decidedly less to offer those considering leaving the city; small town living only appears tempting in movies…show more content…
Centrally located in Kittitas County, Ellensburg is a two-hour shuttle ride from the nearest major airport. In more familiar terms, Seattle and Spokane are 110 miles east and 170 miles west, respectively. Referencing the Pacific Northwest invokes images of forested ocean landscapes and rainy, cool environments, but zip code 98926 falls short in both categories. Precipitation amounts are well beneath the national average; and neighboring bodies of water consist more of creeks and narrow waterways. Add to that its snowy winters and windfarm-worthy springs, and say farewell to comfort. Geographically speaking, Phoenix is situated in the American Southwest as capital city of the State of Arizona. Affectionately referred to by its residents as “The Valley of the Sun,” trail-dotted mountain ranges encircle this Sonoran Desert metropolis in every direction. As a matter of fact, Phoenix happens to top the list of cities with the greatest number of days with sunshine (“Top 101 Cities with the Highest Average Sunshine Amount”). To elaborate, this measurement calculates the percentage of time sunlight makes contact with the ground between dawn and dusk. With the exception of admittedly warm summer months June, July, and August, the remaining year’s weather allows for outdoor endeavors of all varieties. Isolation and other-than-ideal conditions are not wise alternatives to Royal palm…show more content…
Ellensburg is woefully limited as far as dining and entertainment are concerned. Pub crawls embark partygoers on a brief journey through roughly eight square blocks of its pint-sized downtown district. Disappointingly, intimate dinners spotlighting phenomenal dishes scarcely coincide with the good company and engaging conversation had by playful couples. Although historic local museums and galleries display fascinating accounts of the past and compelling artistry, families rarely express enthusiasm for sophisticated recreation. Conversely, Phoenix knows no bounds in the restaurant and leisure departments. For example, adventurous bar hoppers drift from upscale speakeasies serving throwback cocktails in a dimly-lit lounge to hipster brewpubs whose menus list craft beer flights from around the world. Also, Romantic date nights unassumingly commence over cuisine prepared by world-renowned chefs at Zagat rated sushi bistros and James Beard Award winning pizzerias. Moms and dads devote quality time to the kids at indoor trampoline arenas for a healthy way to let off some steam; or, celebrate birthdays at amusement parks with festivities spanning from miniature golf to roller coasters and arcades. The monotony typically experienced in little towns seldom creates sentimental recollections worthy of
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