Compare And Contrast Piaget's Stages Of Development

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Piaget's theory is known as developmental stage theory. Children are merely less competent thinkers than adults and their cognitive development takes places in stages. Piaget believe that children's thought processes changes as they mature physically and interact with the world around them. There are three basic components to Piaget's cognitive theory. One of the basic units of cognition is the schema, is the building blocks of knowledge. He also believe the as a children learn, they expand and modify their schema through the process of assimilation and accommodation. The second component is that humans are biologically drive to advance in intellectual development by innating the need to maintain cognitive equilibrium. The last component is the four stages of development sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal operational.…show more content…
Erikson believe that personality development happens over the entire course of a person's life. According to his theory, in each stage people face new challenges, and the stages outcome depends on how people handle these challenges. That must be handle successfully in order to have a healthy psychosocial growth. Piaget's theory focused on cognitive development through metal processes, while Erikson's theory focused on personality development, he used observation. In Piaget's theory, experiences determine development, in the other hand, Erikson's theory is going through all the stages up to old age to explain the development process. Erikson's theory focuses on the entire development process in life in eight stages, however Piaget development looks into thought processes of a person. They both differ on the timing
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