Compare And Contrast Plato And Machiavelli's Prince

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Concerning Plato’s Philosopher King and Machiavelli's Prince) It is highly debated what type of ideal king is the better type of ideal king. Both philosophers, Plato and Machiavelli, have their own separate version of what the best and most ideal king would look like. Plato’s version of the ideal king can be found along with a description in Plato’s Republic Book 6. He describes a king raised in philosophy, and a regimented education plan. Machiavelli’s king can be found with a description in Machiavelli’s The Prince. This king is best summarized as a “might is right” type of fellow. The Philosopher King is a better king because he has been educated by the people, for the people. Plato’s Philosopher King has spent many years in training, dedication and preparation for the singular goal of becoming a king. The Philosopher King has spent many a-years with the people of his kingdom. He lived with them and learned of them and their ways. This way he can better understand what is good for his people when he is ruling them. Melissa Lanek, writer of Encyclopædia Britannica, says about the Philosopher King, “Philosophers are both morally and intellectually suited to rule: morally because it is in their nature to love truth and learning so much that they are free from the greed and lust that tempts others to abuse power and intellectually because they alone can gain full knowledge of reality.” (Encyclopædia Britannica) In this way he is much more a representative rather than a
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