Compare And Contrast Prom And Sophomore Student Council

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While Lowerclass and Upperclassman have class councils. Each class has a different agenda and have things to be done. Which is especially important your Freshman and Sophomore year ,according to Mykayla Williams. All classes have goals and achievements they need to earn and reach. However, how they reach these goals is up to your class council.
Freshmen are building up their finances and are “Currently in action at this very moment” Steven Ray, Freshman Student Council President said.
When asked why they must raise money Steven responded “ We are making it possible to do awesome stuff”
“But more importantly allowing the freshman class have a great time”
Every Friday the Freshman Class sells donuts outside of the library doors. They have been doing this around the beginning of
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They need to communicate, if they don’t Sophomores may learn too late that they need more money, according to Lindsay Brence.
“We need the money to have a successful prom and so they don’t have to be so cheap”
Sophomores need to reserve this money for big events. Sophomores don’t have many events but there is a lot upcoming in their Junior Year.
All to raise money for Prom and Homecoming your upperclassman year; mostly your junior year. Seniors worry about their Graduation Bash.
The more money lowerclassmen raise, the better there proms and homecomings; as their money raised is carried over.
“Prom and Homecoming are what Junior Year is all about.”
Junior Classmen are reviewing ideas for Prom as they have been working for Prom and Homecoming these last two school years. Besides discussing events at the dance. The Junior Student Council is debating on changing the venue for the event. Possibly the Park Place or The Eagles
Everyone has had ideas from the beginning of freshman year what they want in order to make their Prom perfect, according to Mykayla
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