Compare And Contrast Pumppo And Whitman

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decision in the wilderness while being blind to race but also views himself as superior because he is white and pure. He cherishes the friendships he has with the Indians but does not accept sexual relationships between men and women of different races. Most definitely, he does not accept same sex couples as Whitman does. However, there is love inside of him for Cora. Cora is one of the sisters that Bumppo goes on his quest with. He does not follow up on his feelings though because Cora comes from a mixed descent and she is committed to another man. She is not a “purebred”, she is neither fully white or fully Native American. His contradicting views on race within nature and morals show he is not fully accepting. His self does not develop…show more content…
Whitman and Bumppo both have incredibly high views on nature. The natural world is just as important as societies. They would agree that communities cannot survive without the components on nature. All of the individualists have different views on religion than everyone else around them. Hester neglects the Puritan view and does not view what she committed as a sin. Whitman believes in a god but does not have typical Christian values. He believes that he is, and everyone else included, is god. All individuals have god inside of them if they are themselves to the fullest extent. Bumppo also ditched his religion. He did not praise Christianity as people of his descent did. He left his religion and family to join with nature. The individual in the Early Modern Era was restricted to express themselves. Yet all three of the individuals in these literary works went against these restrictions. Originality has grown in societies and communities because one person had the bravery to step up. Hester defies everything that is expected of women of the time. She does not live a life that is devoted to her husband, she lives a life devoted to herself. When the community attempts to
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