Compare And Contrast Puritan And John Edwards

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Pastors have used the “fire and brimstone” method for centuries, scaring congregations into obedience with the threat of being sent to an indescribably painful realm after death, usually referred to as “hell”. Pastor John Edwards took this method to a new extreme; he terrified some people so much that they went as far as to commit suicide during his sermons. One particular sermon combines some of the principles of Puritan faith, as well as his personal opinions, with what is commonly considered the most vivid description of hell ever written. His sermon represents the Puritan belief system in some respects, but not all, which can be seen by identifying and comparing the main points of the sermon and other similarities in his sermon to known Puritan values. John Edwards actually gives hope to his congregation with his views, while Puritanical views are even harsher.
One of the most central beliefs in Puritan faith is that human nature is evil. They constantly need to access themselves and make up for their sins. That is a point that is strongly emphasized throughout the sermon. In fact, even the first sentence brings this belief into light, claiming, “natural men…deserved the fiery pit.” He says that their wickedness is making them heavy like lead, weighing them down into hell. In his opinion they have done nothing to appease God’s anger and gain his grace, which is, in Puritan faith, the only way to be saved from the pits of hell. He describes God’s anger as “great waters
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