Compare And Contrast Rome And Roman Empires

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When the ancient history of the world is described before the emergence of Christianity, there are two empires that dominate the conversation because of their innovation in economics, agriculture, technology, and most importantly in government: The Ancient Chinese and Roman empires. More specifically, the rule of the Han dynasty in Ancient China and the rule of Augustus in Rome. The Han Dynasty is known as arguably the most successful of the Ancient Chinese dynasties because they introduced a centralized bureaucratic government which untied the many kingdoms in China. Likewise, Augustus’s rule in Rome not only centralized all of Italy, but it also was the spark that propelled the Roman Empire to flourish for many years. Through these Dynasties’ prosperity, they have both dominated the Ancient world, yet though the Han Dynasty and Augustus’s Rome reformed their civilizations in similar ways like centralizing their people and stopping the threat of civil war, they also differed in their strategies to achieve power. The Han dynasty and the Roman Empire under Augustus share many strategies that made their empires successful. The most important of these similarities is the centralization of the government and the empires people. Both the Han and Augustus were focused on making a centralized empire by giving providences their own governments and sending government officials that the Han emperor had chosen or a governor Augustus had chosen. These city states still were under the
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