Compare And Contrast Rome And The United States

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Life in Rome is very different to life in the united states. Such as government,activities,and religion. Although the two had many differences, they also had some similarities, but they are still different .
Rome, might have played with balls like the United States ,but that does not mean their activites were entirely the same . Unlike rome, the United States has rules to games and entertainment . Romes entertainment condone killing like Gladiator fights to the death . The United states might watch wrestle matches ,but never to the death . Rome is also known for the animal fights ,which the get wild animals from their habitat and kills them. Although times were different back in Rom , killing animals for entertainment is prohibited (not allowed) in the U.S .
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Rome condones killing babies with disorders. Some of Romes prisoners were even burned . In the U.S its not allowed to kill babies or burn
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