Compare And Contrast Rosemary's Baby And The Omen

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Heit argues that both films deliberately work against the concept of free will as they ‘perpetuated the prevalent conceit of the sixties that control over one’s fate no longer existed, that choice was an illusion; and that, at any time, for reasons beyond one’s comprehension, the devil could destroy one’s life’. The protagonist in Rosemary’s Baby is left to deal with the knowledge of being raped by the devil, who has chosen her to be the mother of his child. Meanwhile in The Omen, Damien does not get to choose or participate in the act of free will as his fate had already been chosen prior to his birth, having been made the Antichrist by the devil. He is to protect the legacy he has been handed with, no matter who or what may come his way.…show more content…
Their portrayal of evil is comparative, and the idea of the "other" being influenced by the thought that fault is regularly pushed elsewhere is outstandingly common in both films. On the other hand, their executions are diverse as far as style. As specified in this essay, Polanski concentrates more on a persuading story that stays within certain components to create a practical setting around surrealism. The circumstance in Rosemary’s Baby is ironic on the grounds that babies are one of the main things in this world that we consider totally guiltless, and it's difficult to choose whether Rosemary's infant is pure or not, yet, it has done nothing to strip itself of its honesty. Donner heavily focuses his attention to detail regarding The Omen and its aesthetics; how the camerawork is setup to exemplify the mood of death, presented in such ways that it symbolises the power of the devil. Yet, when looking at the insidiousness that is of the two devilish youngsters, the observers are acquainted with Donner's depiction of Damien is much more horrific in the sense that the child actually kills people while under the control of Satan, whereas Polanski leaves the spectator assuming that Rosemary may have found happiness in the end through the tribulations of
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