Compare And Contrast Scientific Management And The Human Relations Theory

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There are a number of management theories that have changed the management business environment in the twentieth century. The theories have assisted managers to come up with better ways of management and organization of people. Managers have been able to increase profits, reduce costs and maximize efficiency. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the contributions of scientific management and the human relations movement to the modern management. This essay will use Frederick Winslow Taylor’s theory on scientific management and Elton Mayo’s human relations theory. These two movements have been proven to increase productivity in the workplace (Mullins, 2005).
Scientific Management by Frederick Taylor Frederick Taylor a founder
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Previously workers would work on their own and strived to improve their skills. The development by Taylor informed staff on what to do and how to do it. The third principle was about cooperation between employers and employees. This principle had two aims one was to achieve productivity through his defined processes and the other was to ensure management and workers worked together.
The fourth principle was equal division of work and the responsibilities of employers and employees. Taylor designed a way of having management ensure that workers had knowledge of the job, the amount of time to do the job and how to do the job. These management principles aimed at finding the optimum performance value in an organization. Taylor’s principles were adopted in several enterprises but during the second half the century the theory started receiving criticism due to lack of flexibility and inhumanity.
Human relations theory by Elton
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As found in Taylor's thought that emphasis on specialized division of work implies that partitioning undertaking of influencing an item at the gathering to line and worker are apportioned to a specific assignment and prepared on that specific task. They likewise given an impetuses as an inspiration (Chand, 2017). In Mayo's thought, employees are urged to act as a gathering and their social need are perceived and additionally they are acknowledged in the work environment with the possibility that they are upbeat and they likewise spurred to carry out their activity (Chand, 2017). Thus, scientific management and human relation theories assume an imperative part in the association for two fulfilling what the association's destinations. The more the employee they persuaded the expansion of the generation result will be normal as the authoritative yield.
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