Compare And Contrast Severus Snape And Sydney Cartton

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The Age of Wisdom, the Age of Foolishness
Severus Snape and Sydney Carton are two of fictional writings' most remarkable characters.
Both men are incredibly interesting to read about, and in doing so, I have compiled a few key similarities and differences between them. Ask anyone: Who, in their opinion, is the best fictional character ever written? You will surely get an array of different answers. People value different things in heroes. However, I believe there are a few notable personality traits that most everyone can agree make fictional characters truly outstanding. I believe Severus Snape and
Sydney Carton are universally good characters. Some may believe it is foolish to compare a timeless and classic novel to a modern story of wizards and magic. Many people dismiss the
Harry Potter series entirely, deeming it childish. However, both of these stories have beautifully written characters that I hold dear to my heart. Sure, at first, it is understandable and easy to assume that they are cold, distant, and unlikeable, yet throughout their stories they both prove to be exceedingly clever and brave men who have a great capacity to love and sacrifice. Severus Snape, from the Harry Potter series was, for the most part throughout the books, considered to be a villain. He was the "mean" professor who often showed favoritism to his own house, Slytherin. Before he got a position teaching at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he was a death eater. A death

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