Compare And Contrast Sir Gawain And King

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The precious Savior, Jesus Christ, once promised, “I will come again and receive you unto myself, that where I am, there you may be also.” The children of Christ are called to endure in a life fulfilled with salvation, moral ethics, and truth. In ancient literary stories, the characters Sir Gawain and King Arthur maintained bold lives and portrayed themselves in the Catholic teachings in their achievements and battles. One of the countless similarities that Sir Gawain and King Arthur had with the Messiah was that they acquired faithful followers that accompanied their journeys. These particular characters connect with Jesus Christ and his devoted actions by means of salvation, moral ethics, and truth. Jesus, the King of the Jews, assured His followers a passion with His holy father and redemption from complete original sin, which was converted to the term salvation in the Holy Church. Although Gawain was tempted three times by the lady of the castle, he was able to stay faithful to his oath until the last day. Bound for the Green Chapel, Sir Gawain said, ”By God on high I will neither grieve nor grown. With God’s will I comply. Who’s protection I do own.” Although he was shaken by the thought of death, he stood loyal to his followers and to his pledge with the help of Christ. He fastened his armor, had a spear in his hand, and a helmet on his head, ready to fulfill his vow. Because of Sir Gawain's faithfulness to his pledge, he only suffered a small injury on his neck due
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