Compare And Contrast Sir Gawain And The Fall Of Eden

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The story of the Fall of Eden, many times referred to as “Adam and Eve,” can be compared to the story of Sir Gawain in quite a few ways. The temptations and tests of faith of Sir Gawain with lady of the castle, and the temptations and tests of faith of the serpent to Adam and Eve are undoubtedly the most overriding comparisons between the two stories. Other comparisons may be the unexpected visitors at the beginning of each story, they both started out on environments with an abundance of food, the vows taken by Sir Gawain and Adam and Eve, the clothes that they were presented with, and the struggles in faith between the two. Smaller comparisons between “Genesis” and “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” may consist of the unexpected visitors and abundance of food at the beginning of each story. At the beginning of “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,” the knights of the Round Table are at a feast on New Year’s Eve, and King Arthur proclaimed that he would not eat until he heard a fascinating story. Adam and his wife, Eve, we in the Garden of Eden, where they said they would not eat from one certain tree in the middle of the garden, the Tree of Knowledge. This tree was the only one in the garden that God forbade them to eat from. While the feasting and the games were going on at the Round Table, the Green Knight rode in on his horse, and everyone was astonished by his size. He challenged one of Arthur’s knights, and after the challenge, he left. This counted as the great
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