Compare And Contrast Slumdog Millionaire And Saaam Bombay

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In this paper, I compare and contrast Slumdog Millionaire and Salaam Bombay in their portrayals of Indian children who live in slums. Several themes emerge from both the movies that I will discuss in this essay. Gilbert (2007) mentions that according to World Bank/UNCHS, Hundreds of millions of urban poor in the developing and transitional world have few options but to live in squalid, unsafe environments where they face multiple threats to their health and security. Slums and squatter settlements lack the most basic infrastructure and services. Their populations are marginalized and largely disenfranchised. They are exposed to the diseases, crime and vulnerable to natural disasters. Slum and squatter settlements are growing at alarming rates,…show more content…
This movie is about Krishna who destroys his elder brother’s motorbike as a result of his constant mistreatment. Krishna’s mother sends him to the circus and tells him not to return home until he can pay Rs.500 as a reimbursement to the loss of motorbike. Krishna finds out that the circus has left hence, instead of returning to his mother he travels to the Bombay’s poorest slums. Later on, in the movie, he becomes friend with a young prostitute Sola Saal and a drug dealer called Chillum while he works at a road tea stall to earn enough money that he can return for his brother’s loss. Slum Dog Millionaire is made by a Westerner, therefore the story is portrayed and described from the American lens which also includes capitalism. The portrayals of the life of these children in both the visual texts are mere reality but both of them have intensely different endings. The comparative visual analysis of the primary data (movies) will allow me to uncover various themes that coincide with the idea of slums. The main focus will be to evaluate how the slums depict poverty, shows pathology and crime or violence as well as chaos in these…show more content…
This can be visually depicted in the scene from the movie when Jamal drops a catch as the aircraft leaps up from behind and two safekeeping guards in the motorbike with a stick in their hand, yelling “private ka-land,” “Chalo bhago yaha se” chase the boys and the chase endures the airfield. The boys run as fast as they could making fun of the security guards, giving them thumbs down and yelling “the dogs are coming”. The boys jump off the garbage dump along the sewer lines that demarcate the slum. Moreover, the boys past rotten pool and tin roofs along thin lanes that indicate their way through homes. The boys run here and there in a way that they are able to make their way to their mother’s arms without any
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