Compare And Contrast Socrates And Socrates

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Most of what we know about Socrates comes from three sources – writings of two of his students (Plato and Xenophon) and plays of his contemporary Aristophanes. The most comprehensive accounts come from Plato who is seen as the “best disciple” but the writings are mostly believed to be Plato’s views projected on Socrates who is shown as a wise teacher. It is believed that early Plato writings depict Socrates as he actually was because he always proclaims ignorance in these texts. In later writings, Socrates beings to offer theories of knowledge which are believed to be Plato’s contributions and projections. One of Plato’s important works is The Apology in which we see Socrates interacting with people in Greece, and is in the form of drama/dialogue.…show more content…
Sophists are travelling teachers who go from one place to the other, mostly teaching people about rhetoric and public-speaking. In terms of politics, this art of rhetoric was really important at the time. Clearly, there is a difference in the method of Socrates and the Sophists.

The goal of the Sophists, in terms teachers who charge for imparting knowledge, is to win debates. In contrast, Socrates does not charge anything is not looking to “win” anything, he is just after the truth. In fact, Socrates believes that it is horrible that the Sophists charge money. Another contrasting and interesting point is that the Sophists claim knowledge that they will impart for money while Socrates claims to know nothing.
The contrast between the Sophists and Socrates show us the difference between debate and deliberation. The goal of the debate is to win. The goal of deliberation is to come to the truth. In deliberation, the person is open to the idea of others and to giving up his beliefs. This is embodied in the Socratic Method because it is fundamentally an open process. Philosophy is after knowledge which gives us truth while Socrates believed that the Sophists were all about opinion with the highlight of
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