Compare And Contrast Soldier's Heart And Red Badge Of Courage

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The novels, Soldier’s Heart and Red Badge of Courage are amazingly similar to one another. Henry the main character in Red Badge of Courage, pretended to be an injured soldier, meanwhile Charlie, the main character in Soldier’s Heart did not fake an injury while the war was going on, he stayed and fought without faking injury or running away in the battle. Comparing was very easy for the two books but contrasting the two books was very difficult because, the two books are so similar. There was an irony in both of the books, they both lost the innocent boys they both was before the war. Charlie and Henry was from different states up North, Charlie was from Minnesota and Henry was from Ohio. The two men are incredibly similar to another in the passages.
The books, Soldier’s Heart and Red Badge of Courage, are different in many ways. Henry was a young boy of the age of 17 from the state of Minnesota. Charlie was a young boy of the age of 15 from the state of Ohio. While fighting Henry received a head wound from a fellow soldiers’ gun’s butt. While fighting, Charlie, received a shoulder wound while he was charging the rebs, and they shot him. The differences between the books are some of the details, from the injuries they received to where they were
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Both of the men fought in the civil war for the Union. They were at a very young age when they signed up for the war, Charlie was 15 years old and Henry was 17 years old. While sitting still by a creek they both talked to a “reb” soldier and they both got in trouble for talking to the enemy. Both of the men Charlie and Henry survived after the war and went back to their homes. While going into the army both of the men wanted glory but did not receive the glory they both thought they would get. The comparisons of the books outstand anything else of the two

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