Compare And Contrast St. Louis

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St. Louis is a town in the middle of Missouri located on the Mississippi River. Back in the earth 1900 St. Louis used to be a huge bustling city. The city was very important for trade because of its location in the Mississippi. So many people lived in St. Louis and traveled from all around the world to gothere.St. Louis even hosted the 1904 world's fair which was held in its very own Forest park. St. Louis is kinda like Edinburgh Scotland, Edinburgh has so much history dating back to the medieval ages and even before that. The city it self has so much history from the Edinburgh castle, Arthur's seat, and many more historical site from Mary Queen of Scots bedroom to where she gave birth to her son king James; even many grave yards with successful writers and philosophers buried in them. These two cities are a lot a like because of the great history that had gone before them in the past. These two cities have seen many meaningful historical events happen in the past.
The culture of these two cities are some what similar yet different at the same time. Everyone is polite as can be which is sometimes a bad thing because people don't know if they're trying to steal something from you. Everyone also just does there own thing no one really bothers anyone or they just travel in groups. Something's that are different in these two
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In Edinburgh people come to this city to visit the historical facts that the city has to offer. Unlike in St. Louis no one even remembers that we hosted the world fair in 1904 or even care. The park were the fair was held is still full of monuments and statues from the fair and it's barely even a popular tourist site. Honestly, more locals visit this park then visitors do and it should be the opposite. This is why some cities in the world are all different even though they may have some similar
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