Compare And Contrast Steamboat And Telegraph

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Steamboat and Telegraph
The following presentation encompases two major historical milestones in the development of american engineering and ingenuity. The first being the development of the steam engine and the second the invention of the telegraph.
It's the 1800s and industrialization is thriving throughout America. People are moving away from an agricultural way of life, moving into cities, developing arts and trades and trying to expand their boundaries of who, where and how they can trade marketable items. In trying to reach more and more customers at further and further distances the ability to travel further in less time creates a demand. In this time period most of the trade routes revolved around rivers as this was the easiest method of transportation and the mighty Mississippi being the largest trade route. However, the problem with traveling the Mississippi or any riverway at this time is that you are at the mercy of the wind and currents. At this time you travelled by boat with full sail and could not maneuver against tides or a poor wind. There was a need to create something that could deal with this dilemma. More and more inventions and machines are being created. With these inventions it becomes effortless to complete painstaking tasks. The effect of this is tade becoming more
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In the 1800s information would take weeks if not months to be sent and delivered in order to gain small to vital bits of information. In those times obtaining or sending information was tedious and slow, using methods like a letter, pigeons, or messengers. These tactics were unsafe and not secure for vital governmental information. Samuel Morse a graduate of Yale University is credited with the invention of Morse code (a code invented by him and named after him) and the invention of the

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