Compare And Contrast Taraci And Afghanistan Government

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was sent abroad to fulfill ambassadorial obligations, and his faction soon disintegrated. Consequently, Taraki became the president of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, and Amin became the prime minister. Taraki and Amin thereby took charge of the country’s government and began implementing their radical policies during the era of the Taraki government.
The Taraki Government
With Mohammed Taraki in charge, Afghanistan quickly signed a friendship treaty in 1978 with the Soviet Union that would last for twenty years. Under the treaty, Afghanistan would be guaranteed to receive more military and economic aid from the
Soviet Union. Meanwhile, opposition against Taraki’s government grew increasingly strong.
His party began implementing various social and economic reforms, but these policies were swiftly met with resistance, as Afghans sought to maintain their traditional tribal societal structure. Taraki attempted to construe Afghani landowners as “feudal” figures trying to exploit the poor, upsetting many elements of Afghan society, including Islamists. Taraki also began to impose curfews in Kabul
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As his rule continued, the Soviet Union grew worried that they were losing their influence in Afghanistan. The Soviets began to suspect that Amin had reached out for help and support from the United States and that Amin had blatantly shamed the Soviet leadership. Moreover, the military conflicts within Afghanistan were increasingly growing out of control, creating additional concern among Soviet leaders about their influence in the region. The conscripted army in Afghanistan steadily was growing weaker—growing so unstable that it was beginning to lose control to Islamist groups opposing the central government. The Soviet government had already tried to take measures in the past to control this increasingly
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