Compare And Contrast The Abhigyanshakuntalam And The Tempest

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ABSTRACT:- The Abhigyanshakuntalam and The Tempest both are beautiful words of two of the greatest dramatists first one is the Shakespeare and second one is Kalidasa respectively. In both, there is consistency of nature and human nature. We have seen the whole drama with nature. Hero and Heroines in both the plays are basically the children of nature. Shakuntala, the heroine in Kalidasa’s The Abhigyanshakuntalam, is beautiful as Similarly, Miranda, in the Tempest, they both are well known for their natural beauty and both drama are famous for natural background. Present paper deals with the kindly nature of Mother Nature development the human qualities in the characters of both the plays. KEYWORDS: - Tempest, nature, Abhigyanshakuntalam,…show more content…
However, the status of the supernatural characters is not the same. Shakespeare has depicted characters suffused with the supernatural powers and divine qualities like a magician Prospero, Ariel, Caliban, Cerimon etc. Kalidasa has gone a step forward as his divine characters themselves play leading role in the plays like Abhijnanasakuntalam and Vikramorvashiya. Kalidasa seems to retain these supernatural characters and also the particular marvelous powers associated with them as integral part of the story. In the last plays of Shakespeare, the magical note that sounds from time to time and helps to give them their unique characters. Natural and the superstitions figure prominently in both Kalidasa’s and Shakespeare’s plays. In Abhijnanasakuntalam, the curse is of course a central supernatural element which sows the seeds of conflict in the smooth course of love in Dushyanta and Shakuntala. Similarly Shakespeare’s last plays are full of spirits, heavenly Gods, omens and portents. Many strange happenings occur in their plays due to the supernatural elements, overriding the ordinary laws of nature but tragedy is averted and happy conclusion is brought through supernatural agencies. Sometimes the supernatural leads totally to the transformation of…show more content…
Between the fifth and sixth acts, a considerable interval of six years has passed and there is no information about Shakuntala. In such circumstances, Sanumati, a nymph serves to bring the necessary news. Sanumati is thus a communicating link between Shakuntala and Dushyanta .Shakuntala is observing the vow of a ‘ Virahini ’ and on the other hand, Dushyanta is also bursting in his varied lamentation and repenting over his past deeds for repudiating Shakuntala.At this crucial situation, Matali’s intervention prepares an inevitable step towards the reunion of Shakuntala and Dushyanta.Shakuntala is already in the divine region, and cannot climb down to meet Dushyanta. He must be,therefore, lifted upto her. The invitation which Matali has brought thus accomplishes the purpose by giving Dushyanta an opportunity to go to

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