Compare And Contrast The Canterbury Tales And The Cook's Tale

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The Canterbury Tales has many tales that have great meaning that is told in their own special way, depending on the reader's understanding of the tales. I chose to compare and contrast The Prioress's Tale and The Cook's Tale. What makes these two tales the same, but different in their own way? Of course, the common answer would be the tales are written by the same author, but they are told by different people. These stories have in common that the main characters do what they love, and the theme is to stay true to yourself. The main differences between the two tales are that the characters are from different generations, they are different kinds of genre, and the role of wrongdoing. With the tales being told the way the author wrote it, the…show more content…
The main character in the Prioress's tale was a young boy, and in the Cook's tale was a man. The main character in both tales, loved doing something they took great pleasure in enjoying. Also, no matter what others thought of them, they stay true to themselves, even though it look bad to others. For example, the boy went to extend learning to praise his Dear Mother, and showed it with proud everyday.
"Twice a day it passed through his throat, as he went to school and home again through the Jewish section, always singing and crying so merrily O alma redemptoris. His mind was set ever upon our Lady; the sweetness of Christ’s mother had so pierced his heart that to pray to her he could not cease his singing on the way. 557"(Chaucer, Geoffrey)
Another example from the other tale, was the man love living the fast, gamble, enjoyable life and took great proud of having it, instead of being a hard working man at his
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In the Prioress's Tale, the story was told of young boy, who was taught the value of life and to always be thankful for the Christ's sweet mother. The story genre had religion and horror due to how the story was told. Like for the religion genre, the story was told in a place of Christian people walk, ride, and went to school in a Jewish quarters, due to country leader hate toward Christ and His followers. The horror genre of the story, the boy was murder, for singing in the streets, and left for dead.
"The Jewish hired a murderer who took up a secret place in an alley, and as the child went by, this cursed Jew seized and held him tight, and then cut his throat and cast him into a pit. 573"(Chaucer, Geoffrey)
In the Cook's Tale, the story was told of young man, who had a job, but enjoy the city life more. The story genre was a juvenile humor, of how the man would have a good time in the city life, but went to great length to keep enjoy his jolly life. For example, he stole from his master to have the money to keep the same

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