Compare And Contrast The Child By Tiger And The Most Dangerous Game

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“The Child by Tiger” and “The Most Dangerous Game” have several things in common that will be compared in the following essay. In “The Child by Tiger”, the protagonist or main character in the story is a man by the name of Dick Prosser. He lived in the Shepperton’s basement and had served a long enlistment in the U.S Army (Wolfe, 2017, p. 2). He was also a very religious man. He kept his room clean and always had his Bible on a table in his room. He read it so often that the cover was completely worn out, almost falling off (Wolfe, 2017, p. 2). Later in the story the reader discovers that Dick has a darker side and he uses his friendships to keep from getting caught (Wolfe, 2017, p. 8). The story never explains to the reader why he…show more content…
“The Child by Tiger”, is told in the first-person point of view. This means that it is told by a narrator from his or her point of view (Kennedy & Gioia, 2016, p. 116). This allows the reader to form their own opinion of Dick. The narrator is very descriptive about Dick throughout the entire story giving the reader plenty of information to form an opinion. In the beginning of the story Dick seemed just like your average Joe. Nice guy, just home from the Army. A good, religious person who studied from his Bible and attended church on a regular basis. Something happened to Dick that no one saw coming. He may not even had known that he had it in him to become a killer but he did. His darkest demons were uncovered. At the end of the story the child in him reflects on all of the what if’s and the why’s as if it were possible to come to a reasonable conclusion. The last part of the story say’s it best. “Our loving friend, our mortal enemy, two worlds together- a tiger and a child” (Wolfe, 2017, p. 30). The story “The Most Dangerous Game”, is told in the third-person limited omniscience. This means that the narrator is not a participant in the story and sees the events that are happening through the eyes of just one character (Kennedy & Gioia, 2016, p. 19). We know this to be true because in the story it states that Rainsford is in his recliner puffing on his favorite brier. We know that this is said by the narrator because he does not use
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