Compare And Contrast The Christian Psychological Perspective

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Psychologists’ perspectives play an important role in how they approach research and the treatment of their clients. Today Christian psychologists are trying to figure where their faith fits in with their psychological practices. God has supplied Christians with Biblical answers regarding how one is to live one’s life that can be found in His word, but the question remains “How does one integrate God’s word with psychological perspectives or should integration between Christian faith and secular psychology even take place”? Christians debate whether an Integrated Perspective or a Christian Psychology Perspective is the proper way to conduct psychological endeavors. From a psychological perspective the Integration theory involves a mixture of empirical psychology and Christian faith. Those who believe in this perspective understand that psychology needs to be derived from God’s word and then when looking…show more content…
This perspective believes that all answers can be found in God’s word, all one needs to do is search for them. The Christian Psychologist perspective “wishes to develop a psychology that accurately describes the psychological nature of human beings as understood according to historic Christianity, whereas the Bible has a special and authoritative place as the fountainhead of Christian ideas, including psychological ones” (Johnson, 2010, p. 155). In this view, science does not have answers to psychological aspects instead Scriptures hold the answers as to how humans are to interact and behave. This perspective is biblically based, but it leaves no room for any scientific discoveries that could aid Christians when they are dealing with psychological issues, such as medications or mental treatments. Instead it believes that empirical studies should be done in the confines of Biblical aspects such as sin, God’s love or
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