Compare And Contrast The Classification And Classification Of Mental Disorders

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CLASSIFICATION AND ASSESSEMENT OF MENTAL DISORDERS The DSM is the short form used for the Diagnostic and Statistical Manal of Mental Disorders. It is the most prominent tool used by mental health professionals for the diagnosis of Mental Disorders. It is used by psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, counsellors, doctors, and nurses. It includes the diagnostic information for all of the mental disorders that are recognized by the American Psychiatric Association. It has evolved over time and has changed according to the developing social norms. The DSM uses documented evidence-based treatment. It also offers a consistent diagnosis for the mental disorders. It offers the diagnostic classification and the criteria for each diagnostic. For each of the approximate 297 disorders listed in the DSM-5, it lists the symptoms present for a diagnoses, a timeline for the symptoms, and lists of other disorders that should be ruled out before a person can be diagnosed with that particular mental disorder. The criterion used in the DSM essentially gives each trained professional the same diagnosis for a same patient.…show more content…
Many of the diagnosis in the DSM have ample similarities in terms of symptoms, which can lead one person or patient to be diagnosed with multiple mental disorders at one time. The DSM concentrates on the symptoms and the manifestation of the mental disorders and does not offer insight as to the underlying causes. That is because it is based on the clinical and statistical patterns which create generalizations and stigmas about the diagnoses. Should the DSM actually relate to root causes of the mental disorders, the treatments and diagnoses may actually be more accurately recommended and or
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