Compare And Contrast The Color Of Water And Much Ado About Nothing

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Final Essay In the book The Color of Water by James McBride and the play Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare are two independent women who have been hurt in their lifetime by someone close to them. They both play major roles in their respective works, Ruth McBride is the mother of James McBride who is the author of The Color of Water and Beatrice is the cousin of Hero is the main female role in Much Ado About Nothing. They are both smart and resourceful as shown in both stories but also pained by events of their past. Ruth is a single mother who's a widow of two men and takes care twelve children on her own. Beatrice is a sharp tongued young lady who is seen as one of Shakespeare's strongest female characters, she is caring and…show more content…
Like Ruth, Beatrice was hurt by someone who she thought she could trust but was proven wrong. When talking to the Messenger in Act 1 she learns that Claudio “[has] caught the Benedick, [and that] it will cost [Claudio] a thousand pounds [to] be cured” (Shakespeare, 1.1.74-75). Although Beatrice is talking about what Claudio has gotten himself into it sounds as if she is talking from experience and that she too had been “caught” by Benedick and fallen in love with him only to be thrown to the side as he does with his partners and friends. Beatrice is very on edge when she is talking with Benedick when he comes into the scene at this point of the play, being very rude and snarky toward him with good reason. Later in the play Benedick does redeem himself and he and Beatrice end up falling in love, sadly there is no happy ending for Ruth and her father; Ruth does not make up with her father nor does she forgive him for what he did and he ends up shunning her from the family when she does find love with someone who cares for her. On the other hand, despite their similarities Ruth and Beatrice are on different side of the scale when it comes to love and letting men into their lives. Ruth is open when it comes to her first husband, Andrew Dennis McBride, who she meets at her Aunt’s factory calling him “inquisitive, and funny, and easygoing, and secure,” saying that whenever her aunt was cruel towards her he would “always offer her a kind word… or just make a joke,” and

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