Compare And Contrast The Conflict And The Functionalist Perspective

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1.Compare and contrast the conflict and the functionalist perspective relative to the political system in the United States. Select one current issue such as healthcare, immigration, or one of your choosing and discuss the issue from both perspectives. When it comes to current issues that are considered to be among the forefront issues in society, one of the preeminent examples would have to be the treacherous cases of police brutality. The incidents regarding the deaths of Alton Sterling, Eric Gardner, and Philando Castile contained both graphic video of violence by police officers and contained dramatic testimonies of what happened in the incidents. From the conflict perspective, however, such abuses on the account of the officers make when you look at how society is perceived. If society is to be viewed as a struggle by various groups for the access of limited resources within a society, then in some sense the officers were abiding by this. The officers in such shootings are part of the elite class since they have a very large amount of power as a result of their state-issued monopoly on the usage of force. In the conflict, the victims of violence are members of the working class since they lack the power which is held by the elite class. So when the officers resort to using violence, they are using their position within society in order to keep the current status quo and maintain the privileges which they have. Thus the horrendous brutality lead by officers can be
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