Compare And Contrast The Defence Of Mahatworth And Heart Of Darkness

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The Defence of Lucknow by Alfred Tennyson and Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad are the two texts based on the theme racism and colonization which faced by the blacks or dark faces during 80’s. However these poems are placed in different parts of the world, Defence of luck-now is about the battle of India at the post of luck-now with England. It describes both the view point of British and India and sets up a perfect flow in the story and can have the vision of the entire story (Mary, 1902). On the other hand, Heart of darkness is one sided opinion and states the sense of torture faced by the Marlow and tries to bring out the reader to be more on colonizer side and create an illusion for the humanity. Heart of darkness doesn’t show how the…show more content…
And in the heart of darkness the metaphor used is “civilization” placed open the Central Africans by the company of whites. Defence of Luck-now, this poem actually talks about the history of India with England and it focuses on the event of Luck-now and how the men of India fought with all their mighty soul to safe guide the wives and children. As the days passed by they had heard a lot of cries for help, for death and for freedom. They had faced racism and colonization at the same time. Men who tried to plot or even raise a voice of freedom where killed and women and children were the main weakness and somehow blessing in disgusted that was holding the Indian men from attacking on the English. The racism in this poem has been marked by the words like “labour, marvel and dark faces” and the colonization symbols were represented by oceans, seas and river flowing all around them (Mutiny,…show more content…
The Defence of Luck-now is a racist poem where the British uses the Indians as slave. “Cold were his brows when we kissed him—we laid him that night in his grave” this line clearly states that British was not relented to even give a second though while they made a blood bath of Indian men who were at the post safe guiding it. They took pride in killing people and took it as a gift. The racism in this poem has been clearly stated in metaphoric of dark faces and dark pioneer and the sense of pride felt by British was stated by the flag that blew in the rooftops of the Indian offices and homes. It didn’t end there, even though the dead bodies were left to rot, women and children acted as the bargaining chip between England and

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