Compare And Contrast The First Immigration Movement And Colonial Eras

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Colonial and Revolutionary Eras The Colonial and Revolutionary Eras set the precedence for expectations of religion and schooling in the United States. The Colonial Era is known as the era of religious freedom. During this time, immigrants traveled to the colonies from Europe to avoid religious persecution (Basile McDaniel, 2017). Immigrants consisted of voluntary and involuntary settlers who were looking forward to endless possibilities. The Revolutionary War caused a decline in immigration, but it increased again the war ended. This era offered the possibility of new lives, but the primary language that was used in schools was English, and there was no help for English Language Learners (Basile McDaniel, 2017).
First Immigration Wave The First Immigration Wave consisted primarily of Europeans that spoke English as their primary language. This wave comprised of a variety of people, however, many were indentured servants. Education was not a priority and was only available for upper-class citizens (A&E Television Networks, LLC. 2017). Lower class citizens could not afford school and were required to put their children to work so they could survive (Rong & Preissle, 2009). There were no laws to give immigrants rights to receive an equal education because education was primarily about …show more content…

The Germans were trying to escape economic problems and gain political freedom while the Irishmen were trying to avoid famine and poverty (Waves of Immigration). The Gold Rush began, and immigrants began to spread throughout the country. There was an influx in the number of Chinese immigrants which caused Congress to make it illegal for them to settle in the United States. This caused a decline in immigration, and it also made it impossible for immigrants to receive an education. Education was not provided for the lower class citizens because it would teach them the basics of cultivation (Rong & Preissle,

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