Compare And Contrast The Frames Of Political Parties

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Political parties are a mainstay of American political discourse and an alliance of people who strive for the same goals in government. They compete against each other to fulfill their policies and to have political power.

The Framers of the Constitution had a fear for political parties, or political factions as they would go against the ideology in which the Framer’s set forth in the Constitution. The republican ideals that formed our way of government called for politics that were inclusive and for the public good; politics that were collaborative. The Constitution calls for compromise in order to achieve success in government. The Constitution also has two clauses which would lead to huge debacles should major political factions arise. The “necessary and proper” clause and “general welfare” clause posed this threat. Many Framers believed that this may be too broad and that interpretations would be very different by different people. This when coupled by the natural instinct would lead to political factions being founded on these ideas. The faction that would determine what these meant would be the party in control of the government. But this is what the framers feared. Should a faction attain a majority and determine what these two clauses meant, it would ultimately
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Led by Alexander Hamilton, the Federalists sought to convince the states to ratify the Constitution which this party supported. Because of this, the Federalist Papers were created by John Jay, Hamilton, and James Madison. These papers urged the ratification of the Constitution. On the other hand, the Anti-federalists shared the views that the new Constitution threatened people’s liberties, and did not protect individual rights. This group involved many element as opposed to being a united group like the
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