Compare And Contrast The Goblin Of Eromas And The Crucible

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“The best way to avoid becoming a scapegoat is to find one.” Warren Eyster writer of The Goblin of Eros. Everyone has at least told one lie about someone to escape consequence. It could be done by politicians, your friends, siblings, and you. You pass such lies and rumors, in result the innocent will never be seen as innocent. They will always have this heinous act under their name. The Crucible is a story filled with plot twist, revenge, love and passion. Salem, a town in Massachusetts, is filled with juicy secrets untold, until some girls accused people of doing Witchcraft and working with the devil. In the end many people are executed because the court does not believe them. History repeats itself once again. In a similar case three men, called the West Memphis 3, were accused of killing three 8 year old boys. Steven Branch, Michael Moore and Christopher Byers will all striped down of thier clothes and were killed. Damien Echols, Jesse Misskelley, and Jason Baldwin were all charged with murder 30 days after case was brought up. They confessed and pleaded innocent but there was so much evidence against them. Both cases have taught our society many things. The Crucible and the West Memphis 3 both have people bringing up false rumors about each other, testimonies were faked, the accused never got the proper justice. People are interrogated for hours and hours, and finally confess what needs to be heard. The rumors spread and has been created as evidence against the
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