Compare And Contrast The Government Of Athens And Sparta

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Athens and Sparta are both super states that existed in ancient Greece in the periods 800-323 BCE. These two very great cities were politically opposite to each other as Athens had a democratic government with an open culture while Sparta was noted for its military might with soldiers who “never say die in a battle”. This essay will look at how the people in Athens and Sparta obtained the right to participate in public life and make decisions, the political system with focus on the selection process and structure of its leadership, and compare and contrast their governmental structures by bringing out their similarities and differences.
Public life participation - Sparta
The decision whether a Spartan will live after being born or thrown into
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Athens was a democracy that made use the participation of the masses as well as the noble as part of their governments. Sparta used two kings to and had a council of 5 Ephors. Women were not part in the governing councils.
Differences between their forms of government
The Athenian government was a “direct democracy” because everyone attended the Assembly. It had as elected officials 10 generals, magistrates etc. A council of 500 was charged with administering decisions made by the assembly. The Assembly passed laws and made policy decisions.
Spartan government can be classified as an Oligarchy but had elements of monarchy since it was ruled by kings and Aristocracy since the leaders came from the upper class. They had two kings and 5 Ephors who were elected to run daily operations. The Assembly was made of males 30 years and above.
As we have seen Spartan and Athens were two very great ancient Greek cities which were not similar in the way they organized themselves through their government. Sparta was strong militarily with a never say die attitude while Athens encouraged their boys to study and had a democratic government. The democracy practiced today originated from
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