Compare And Contrast The Kings Speech And The King's Speech

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While watching the films, The King’s Speech and A Beautiful Mind, a quote rang very true to me. “One word frees us all the weight and pain of life. That word is love.” This was quoted from a Greek Playwright called Sophocles. In The King’s Speech, Elizabeth fulfilled the role of being a supportive partner to Bertie with ease, whereas in A Beautiful Mind, Alicia portrayed a realistic idea of the trauma experienced when a loved one is suffering from a mental illness. By comparing the two characters and referring to filmic techniques we will be able to see the factors that affected each women’s life and the way they handled and overcame the circumstances that they and their families experienced.

Both Elizabeth and Alicia showed unconditional love and support for their husbands. However, their body language, expressions and interactions with each man were different from one another. In the image below, Elizabeth maintained physical contact with Bertie and was shot in the same frame after he stuttered during his Speech. This displayed Elizabeth’s character as being the strong foundation in the relationship. From scene one, she showed her protective side by
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If their husbands didn’t achieve what they did with their help, the consequences would have been a lot worse for Alicia than Elizabeth. As you can see in the image, Alicia’s marriage, family and wellbeing would have been ruined because she would have lost Nash to his illness, raise her son as a single mother and not live a happy and fulfilling life. On the other hand, if Bertie had not been able to complete his responsibilities and allowed the microphone that he had to speak in be a barrier, they would have still been the royal family. Elizabeth’s marriage to Bertie was not under pressure and they were not in a position of becoming poor if he had to abdicate as King. The only people that would have suffered was the people of the United
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