Compare And Contrast The Middlebergs And The Goldbergs

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Family oriented television shows have almost always been about perfect families, but in recent years more shows have shown more family dysfunction, fighting, and yelling. These shows focus more on the drama in a family but in our modern culture, they also show the “make-up” after the fight. Showing these events gives the show a moral, or a lesson. Although the sitcom The Goldbergs has many differences from the sitcom The Middle, they both portray similar morals, the ability to forgive and an eventual demonstration of being grateful. The Goldbergs is a television sitcom depicting the life of a family in Philadelphia, in the 1980’s. The family is made up of a father, a mother, the oldest child, Erica, the middle child, Barry, and the youngest child, Adam. Murray, the father in the family is not very emotionally supportive of the kids constantly calling them “morons” but he still shows his love for them in his daily actions. He shows his affection for them by working hard to provide for them and making sure that their childhood is better than his was. Beverly, the mother, is over-supportive in every way. From nicknames like “shmoopy” to leaving scars of fear in the school staff because her “little shmoos” were struggling in school. Most of the time her overprotectiveness and over-support is not wanted by her children. Erica is a teenager, who is somewhat of a rebel because she does not want to become like her parents. She makes bad decisions and often gets herself in

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