Compare And Contrast The Military Conquest Of Mesoamerican Americans

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During the years of Mesoamerican civilizations, natives were ambushed in a physically and religious manner. Mesoamerica was introduced to various different forms of conquest from the Spaniards. Through military conquest the Spanish decreased and destroyed the native population, art, and buildings. This led to the destruction of the native’s religion making them into a monotheistic society. Hernando Cortes arrived in Mesoamerica in 1519 bringing his military with him. Easily walking into the Mexica’s capital Tenochtitlan through the invitation of Montezuma 2 the leader at the time, Cortes found himself destroying and killing various amounts of people and statues. This made the people outraged and started to fight against him. Through the advance technology of the Spaniards the native people had no chance of having a successful retaliation. Using military to destroy religious monuments the Spanish also started to enforce their religion, which differed from the natives. The Spanish started to build churches and started presenting their monotheistic religion which the natives weren’t please with because they were polytheistic, multiple gods. These people started to loose everything from land to beliefs.…show more content…
The military fierce fully took property through killing. On the other hand the church implemented religion more peacefully then the military. Although many religions were brought and presented to Mesoamerican cultures Christianity was the major religion that had most impact. Another difference that church conquest had was that it targeted the person’s beliefs and it was mental unlike the military conquest that physically took there belongs and land. The indigenous people lost their religion like they lost their land, which they had for a substantial amount of time. These two impacts in Mesoamerica had a long-term affect on its
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