Compare And Contrast The Myths And Realities Of Crime

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Myths and Realities of Crime
The society widely perceives a criminal to be someone from a very poor background, who has no meaningful resources to provide for him or herself and is not educated. With this kind of perception as a society our focus is majorly on street crimes as it is the type of crime we often encounter with in our streets, neighborhoods and in the news. Seldom do we hear about or understand the other types of crime that include white collar crimes and state crimes (Fitzgerald, 2011).
When I imagine asking 100 strangers or more to describe crime, my belief is that many of them if not all would describe a criminal as an individual who deliberately breaks the law or refuses to abide by it. Even then, it is important to appreciate that individual with mental conditions that affects their stability to behave in a normal way without deviating from the law could also be termed as criminal (Fitzgerald, 2011).
Crime is considered by the society as one of the major issues that the community faces as a result of the wide variety of behavior s that individuals have developed that do not adhere to set standards and regulations. The society further believes that crime functions to protect the human rights of individuals albeit violation and breaking the law or causing harm to the community or those around it. In numerous occasions, the society in
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In this context, we hold onto such myths and misconceptions because it was the only knowledge about crime that we had and were taught as we grew up. There are many of such myths today and one of the most held myths is that on sexual assault. It is believed by many that sexual assault is a crime that is perpetrated by strangers. Many people believe that family members, friends or individuals known to them or the victims of sexual assault cannot commit such crimes against them (Fitzgerald,
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