Compare And Contrast The Parthenon And The Pantheon

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The Parthenon located in Athens Greece was completed sometime after 432 B.C and represents to many the evolution of the Athenian leagues expansion of imperial power. The Pantheon located in Rome Italy was completed sometime before its dedication in 126 A.D. Pantheon, meaning “Temple of many Gods” unlike the Parthenon’s example of expanding power, the Pantheon represented Rome’s devotion to many Gods and eventually a (singular) God when it switched from Temple to a Church in the 7th century. In this essay we’ll be exploring the similarities and differences that exist between these two imposing and incredibly historical buildings.
The most obvious differences of the two structures are the age
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The height to the oculus and the diameter of the interior circle are the same, 142 feet. It’s believed that continuous use as a Church beginning sometime in the 7th century A.D has contributed to its longevity today. The Parthenon can be rented for special occasions today but its longevity is largely attributed to its architectural significance but also its materials, artistic value and location sitting 150 meters above sea level on the outskirts of Athens Greece. Currently being restored. Similarities of the two structures lend themselves, not only to the value and appreciation of classical architecture over the centuries, but also the blend and variety of the artistic expression and elements applied to adorn them. Even today when conceptualizing a structure to exude power, stability coupled with artistic expression and contemplation, both the Pantheon and the Parthenon, among others, establish this foundation. Timeless similarities that won’t soon be replaced, even with modern day advancements. In closing, long before the birth of Christ, a medium was established as the template of power in all its forms. Regarded today as classical architecture, grand staircases leading to towering columns of stone and marble supporting entablatures of asymmetrical roof lines adorned with beautiful sculptures floating and peering down upon its visitor’s with
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