Compare And Contrast The Passionate Shepherd To His Love

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Compare And Contrast Esay The Passionate Shepherd To His Love; by Christopher Marlowe and The Nymph’s Reply To The Shepherd by: Sir. Walter Raleigh. The purpose of this writing is to compare and contrast the two speakers point of view in the poem. I will also be discussing the four major themes of the: Passionate Shepherd To His Love and The Nymph's reply To The Shepherd, such as nature, love, material world, and time. I will be using evidence and lines from the two pastoral poems to help support my answers. The passionate Shepherd to his love is a pastoral poem that focuses on the Shepherd who tries to win the love of his crush ( the Nymph ) by telling her of all the joys and pleasures of nature, the Shepherd also tries to win the Nymph’s love by offering her materialistic items. The Shepherd tells the Nymph that if she comes to be with him then he will do all these wonderful things in nature with her like: “we will sit upon the rocks, seeing Shepherds feed their flocks,”( line 6) “and I will make thee bed of roses. And a thousand fragrant roses.”( line 9) Along with offering the Nymph a bunch of things from nature he also offers her a bunch of materialistic items such as a buckle made of gold,( line sixteen) and a gown made of wool.(line thirteen) The Nymphs turned down the Shepherd’s love, because she says that the items that the Shepherd is offering to her have no long-lasting value. Because all the things that the Shepherd offers to the Nymph are not long lasting their love will not be long lasting either; all of the Shepherds offerings are things in nature that do not have long-lasting value to them; so the Nphm believes that their love will be no different. Nature: The Shepherd has a very unrealistic view of nature, in his mind he believes that nature will always be beautiful and full of-of sunshine, and clear skies. But in reality nature will not always be wonderful and happy, and full of rainbows; nature and things around the Shepherd will change. But the shepherd has this tunnel vision of nature where nothing ever changes, he also always draws back to nature when he’s telling the Nymph of all the good times there have. Nature: The Nymph has almost the exact opposite view on nature as the Shepherd
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