Compare And Contrast The Raven And The Tell Tale Heart

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Kyle Cantrell
Professor Toni
2 November 2017

Edgar Allan poe is one of the most incredible gothic writers, with a library of many famous works. He is famous for his dark and ominous way of narrating, as well as his brutal and obscure endings to his tales. Arguably his most famous works are the poem entitled “The Raven” published January 29th 1845, and his short story “The Tell-Tale Heart” published a few years earlier on January 1843. Both of these pieces of literature pulled the listener directly into Poe's mysterious world, with suspense and intensity in every line. “The Raven” and “The Tale-Heart’ written by Edgar Allan Poe both develop the gothic theme of madness by using dark imagery, similar symbolism, and torment.
“The Raven” follows a man who is tormented by a large raven on top of his chamber door. He recently lost his lover Lenore, and he believes that this Raven is in his chamber is taunting him, and making light of his lost love. As the story progresses the narrator starts to drift further and further from sanity until he can no longer understand the events that are taking place. The “Tell-Tale Heart” the main character is also driven to madness, but in this case it is by a mysterious eye, to the point where he must commit murder in order to feel at peace. However this is not the end of this tale. The police arrive at his house to question him, and just as he was almost in the clear the beating of a heart causes him to expose the hiding place of the
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