Compare And Contrast The Roman Empire And The Persian Empire

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The Roman empire vs. the Persian empire The Roman empire and the Persian empire were both world powers for a reason. Both empires used very similar and different strategies to achieve all the power they accumulated over time. They both had very different views on everything from religion to human rights. Both empires both grew around the general same area, the Mediterranean Sea. They both used massive military force when conquering other empires and lands. The Persian empire was more fair towards their people. The workers got paid for their work. There was freedom of believing in what they wanted and thinking of what they wanted. They also did ban slavery. When Persia conquered other empires, they would allow them to keep their own religious beliefs and languages. The Persian empire also had conquered more land than the Roman empire. Persia had reached about eight million km of land while Rome, only had 6.5 million km of land. In the matter of slavery, both empires had very different methods towards it. The Persian empire had ruled out slavery altogether and actually paid their workers. Which back then, this was a rare case. Most empires are cruel to their people. Such as the Roman empire. The Romans used slaves for construction. The slaves worked long hours in the heat. They were forced to do this and were only given enough food to survive. Most of Rome’s slaves were war captives and convicted criminals, but some

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