Compare And Contrast The Seafarer And Wife's Lament

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The “Seafarer” and the “Wife’s Lament” poems are series of Anglo-Saxon exile poem. Each poem has its own syntaxes, however throughout the Seafarer and Wife’s Lament poem the theme of loneliness is the underline vividly to the reader. In the Seafarer and the Wife’s Lament, both characters are exiled and in great sadness, however, the Seafarer’s view of heaven allows him to see a future beyond his hardships. Even though the “ Wife’s Lament” and “Seafarer” have similar tone in essence, however the Seafarer hope is set on heaven. On line 68, the narrator states that “the wealth of the world neither reaches to heaven or remains” (19) . Describing that this world is only meant to be temporary and the destitution that one going through will one day be done. In the poem there is not clear cut what is the cause of his exile, but the reader notices that the Seafarer is on misfortune journey. He could not find happiness in cities that he visits, “And who could believe, knowing but the passion of cities, swelled proud with wine and no taste of misfortune” (lines 26-29). That illustrate unfortunate state that could not satisfy by the earthly world that he is living in. He further exclaims his concern that the sea is the place where he finds peace (line 30). In the midst of suffering the Seafarer looks to God for help that as he comes to realize the earthly home has long gone for him. His perspective is that God is in control and he must submit to him, “ A man must conquer pride not
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