Compare And Contrast The Three Versions Of Cinderella

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The three versions of Cinderella that I am going to compare, and contrast is the Perrault, Grimm, and Lee’s. All the stories are similar, but they also have many differences as well. Many of the Cinderella stories were written in different time periods and all the stories fall back to the original version of Cinderella, where Cinderella has an evil stepmother, marries a wealthy man, and has two stepsisters.
The first difference between the Perrault’s and the Lee’s version of Cinderella is that the mother was dead when the story begins but in the Lee version, the mother was alive at the beginning of the story. The story starts at once upon a time in the Perrault’s version, but the Lee’s version started the story off as 200 hundred years ago. Another difference is that the stepmother was friendly and nice in the lee version of Cinderella but in the Perrault version, the stepmother was cruel and wicked. In the Perrault version, the step sisters had a strong temper like their mother’s and wasn’t as beautiful as Cinderella but in the Lee’s Cinderella story, the stepsisters were extremely nice and sweet. The Protagonist Disposition in the Perrault version was very kind and sweet, and even to her stepsisters but in the lee’s version, the Protagonist Disposition is evil and rude. While getting ready for the ball in the Perrault version, the Cinderella is helped by a fairy godmother that was sent to her and in the Lee’s version, Cinderella was helped by the Satanas. Cinderella forgives her stepsisters and marries them off to wealthy noblemen in the Perrault version but in the Lee’s version, Cinderella sent them to get attacked by the villains who eventually took over the city. The last difference between Perrault’s and Lee’s version of Cinderella, is that the Cinderella shoes were glass in Perrault’s story but in Lee’s story, Cinderella shoes were glass slippers, but they could change shape and size, but the shoes could only fit on her.
There are many differences between Grimm’s version and Lee’s version of Cinderella. The first difference in Grimm’s version is that the stepsisters are beautiful, and they have horrible personalities but in Lee’s version, they are also beautiful, but the stepsisters have a good

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