Compare And Contrast The Use Of Lines In The Works Of Vincent Van Gogh And Sol Lewitt

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3-1: Compare and contrast the use of lines in the works of Vincent van Gogh and Sol LeWitt. Lines can express many things. Like Vincent Van Gogh artwork lines can express emotion, and feelings of the artist at that time. Vincent Van Gogh “The Starry Night” is example of that. He used loose and free drawing lines. The lines looked as they were out of control and free. Vincent Van Gogh used thick, bold strokes of the paint brushes to show a certain “body” of their own which is known as impasto. It was consistent through he’s artwork so it was like a signature he used. Since Van Gogh was placed at a mental facility. He painted “The starry night”. The swirls in the paint seem anger and full of emotion properly from being placed in this place.…show more content…
3-2: Implied Line— a line where no continues mark connects one point to another, but where the connections is nonetheless visually suggested. Lines that create a sense of movement and direction. Line of Sight—one important kinds of implied line is a function of line of sigh, the direction the figures in a given composition are looking. Titian artwork together the three separate horizontal area of the piece; God the father above, the Virgin Mary in the middle and the Apostles below. The lines that are create are simple, interlocking, symmetrical triangles. The lines are to serve to unify the worlds of the divine and the mortal. 4-1: Why does Duccio 's painting "Annunciation of the Death of the Virgin" lack linear perspective? The right side of the bench appears too placed awkwardly to the right and crawling up and into the wall. The angel arm appear to be reaching though the wall. Duccio Maesta uses foreshortening in the beams to give the depth in the artwork though. In one point linear perspective lines are drawn on the picture plane in a way that parallel lines receding to a single point on the viewer’s horizon which are consider vanishing points. Two point linear perspective a more dynamic ccomposition. The two point linear perspective is where two or more vanishing point are in the composition. So the biggest difference is that two points have more than two vanishing points and creates a complex composition. An example of one point

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