Compare And Contrast Theodore Roosevelt Open Door Policy

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Through the last quarter of the nineteenth century the United States foreign policy set out to gain overseas power in an attempt to obtain the status of a global superpower capable of controlling international trade. The United States attempted to reach that status through military force, international trade and the obtainment of land. An example of this attempt to gain the global superpower status was the Spanish-American War, which was fought from April 1898 to August 1898. The United States achieved victory in this war and gained the ability to control the Philippines, Guam and Puerto Rico. After this victory the United States was able to set its sights on gaining control in the Asian region of the world, which would have been a huge success and a game changer for the American region.

Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and William Taft all had similar foreign policies. Roosevelt’s plan played a massive role in the success of the United States during this crucial time in history. Roosevelt knew china and other Asian countries had something great to offer. Soon after end of the Boxer Rebellion, which was an violent anti-foreign, anti-christian, and anti-colonial uprising, Roosevelt established the Open Door Policy. Roosevelt strongly believed America was much more advanced and superior in regards to economic and political affairs, his presidency aimed for foreign strength and recognition by building the Panama Canal and the building of a military force. The Open Door

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