Compare And Contrast This Is England And God's Own Country

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The film ‘This is England’ from 1983 is based on writer and director Shane Meadows’ own experience as a youngster. In the 19th century Britain was transformed from an agricultural to a modern industrial country. Conversely, in the 20th century Britain lost much of her economic and political power. The trailer ‘God’s Own County’ by Francis Lee, is about this young farmer Johnny Saxby numbs his daily frustrations with binge drinking and casual sex. Both films are about immigration and integration. The theme in both is identity, because all of them having a hard time, and they are finding out who they really are. Shaun is finding out which group he belongs to, and change his whole identity. Gheorghe was born in another country like Milky. He came…show more content…
The boys take him and change his into a Skinhead, with Doc Martin boots, they shaved his head and got him ben Sherman shirt. Here can the viewer begin to learn the different characters, and who cares about Shaun. It is the same in ‘God’s Own Country’. At the start of the trailer, Jonny is alone, but only until the arrival of a Romanian migrant worker for lambing season. Jonny freezing, he's angry and does not really want to work with Gheorghe. Until an intense relationship that sets Johnny on a new path. The plot in the film is man against society, because Shaun lives in a poor city, and have to work hard, so the life hang together. In the trailer is it more man against self, because he has to get out of his scald and fight with himself to close others in his life, and also about his…show more content…
Some people think he is just like ‘us’ and others think he and his family must go back to Jamaica. There is an episode in the film where Combo describes a black man as a ‘wog’. Combo is a nationalist, and has a very hard opinion about migrants and unemployment in England. They were in Combos apartment, when Combo asked Milky about he’s family and why they are in England. Milky said it was because his father got a job here. Combo got mad, and thrashed him. Here the viewers get a good view of how Combo has it with migrants. It just like in the trailer, were Gheorghe came to England to work on the farm, so he could earn some money and help Jonny with the
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